Thursday, April 10, 2008

Scenes and the City - Train Diary

the saga continues...

Are you lonely? Do you want some company? Some friends to keep you happy? Just go to Asangaon. Every Tom, Dick and Harry will be there. As instructed.

And you thought the King was dead. Photographic evidence that Elvis is alive and well, and apparently living in Borivali.

Gang members of today, a cross-section.
Big F. (as in, the ice-cream?)
Hawk (Hudson, -eye, or a GI Joe action figure?)
Frod (half a hobbit)
Aniks (an inside-out Skinner?)
Panzer (Auf wiedersehen, mein herr!)
Saiggy (better than capri, viri, libri, or aqui, I guess)
rushhh (Hi, Paula!)
Fighter (not Lover?)
M@K (makes it possible)
Venom (the Green Goblin will return in the next sequel)
Eros (Regal was running housefull)
Nemesis Harry (you mean Voldemort? Or puberty?)
Ohhh (Aahh. Ouchhh.)
KK (the result of outsourcing white-supremacist bigotry)
Lee (arrey bhai, kiski?)
Ladies and Gentlemen, the WTFs.

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