Monday, July 06, 2009

Package Tours are the best thing to have happened to tourism

"Yes," I hear you say. "Ashish has finally slipped off some godforsaken mountain in the middle of nowhere and landed on his head."

But think about it. Dozens and dozens of overweight, overfed, overpampered aunties. Travel is the new status symbol, so they must have it. whether they like it or not. Enter the freindly neighborhood tour guide, who puts them in an air-conditioned seat in coaches / flights / hotels / ferries, shows all the locations they need to click for their albums, and sends them off home.
Leaving all the rest of the places for the rest of us to explore, climb, dive into, enjoy. They even carry their own food, so local cuisine stays unspoiled. They don't move anywhere outside cellphone network, electric supply, air-conditioning, and motorable roads. So the wilderness remains wild.

It was a zero-sum game, but we've put them in a share of the pie that has mile-high, iron walls. They stay in, we have our fun outside.


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