Tuesday, June 06, 2006

MacLeodganj Trip: Day 2, Part ?: Bhagsu Nag

Arrive at Pathankot, which is the main access point for reaching most places in Himachal. Wash up on the station - man, I never realized how much I missed the feel of that cold water in the morning after the journey. There's some things flying just cannot replace, and this'll always be one. Early mornings on a station - smells, sounds...

Catch a cab for Macleodganj, stop for the best paratha I have ever had at a place called Delhi Darbar in Nurpur. Tie shoes on the luggage rack to dry off. Hope it doesn't look too politcal.

Reach Macleodganj after a 3-hour drive with lateral-thought games. We aren't staying here, though; we've opted for a village called Bhagsunag, around 2 km from MacLeodganj. More credit to M for finding it; she'd put some serious research into the trip. Check into the Meghavan, wash up, head down to the town.

It's a beautiful walk; slightly crowded, but fairly peaceful, and lots of other walkers. Note - Indians are a minority. MacL has a majority Tibetan population, and Bhagsu is the main foreign-backpacker hangout; so it's mostly Israeli and Eurpoean. So there's the usual associated torist industry - Enfields, junk jewellery, souvenirs, saperas with Euro-american accents, etc.

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