Sunday, June 29, 2008


A weekend and the teens are over!

12 days to go. Shopping's started - picked up a pretty decent all-purpose cam case that can take the 'corder as well as the cam. A trekking torch acquired, and the good 'ol woodlands dug out.

Man these woodlands are tough. I got 'em after my class X exams and they've been all over... Cal, Goa, Maharashtra, Himachal, Dubai, and Uttaranchal. Thirteen years and still going strong... not a single repair or even lace-change needed. They've been drowned in Mumbai monsoons, filled with Goan sand, baked in Dubai desert, ski'ed over Himachali snow, tramped the Himalayan and Sahyadri trails, done it all.
The Final Destination in trekking is about the only thing still left...

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