Wednesday, June 25, 2008


When you're waiting for something, everything related seems to become more visible. F'rinstance, I am currently surrounded by people going to, coming from, or expressing a desire to visit.
Saw some of the already-visited's albums. Some awesome pics and some awesome camera angles... which reminds me, all my cams are the recharge kinds. Which means that unless I recharge every day, I will be running out of snap opportunities. An AA-batt cam is ideal for these kinda treks; you may pay a bit more and lug some more weight, but there's peace of mind. And photos galore.
Batts also drain in cold weather faster; so I ought to carry 2 cams. 1 spare, worn as deep inside clothing as is possible.
Movies also drain battery; so a camcorder for dedicated movies.
Which means a camcorder bag. The half-ripped nylon waist pouch won't cut it.
And a bunch of ziplocks for the dew / condensation / sleet / snow.
And a moisture-absorbent pack.
And multiple chargers.
And a spike guard to charge the same in hotel rooms with a single point.

And a pack mule to carry it all.

Why can't you get dynamo-input 220V AC output conversion kits that can be powered up by a hand crank? Or a solar-powered one?

Anyone reading this - if you live in Bombay, and have a 10-megapixel, good working condition, AA-battery powered digital camera, and are okay with lending it to me for a month, get in touch instantly!

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