Monday, July 07, 2008


Another weekend.
You know everyone has two lives - public, private. For a blogger, it's that much harder to differentiate.
But the truth is - the last few days have seen what will probably have been the most significant events in my life so far. And they have nothing to do with the trip.
And things have worked out, on the whole, pretty well.
And that's all that you, dear anonymous stranger, get to know.

And the final upshot - This trip is now a very well-deserved, well-earned, deeply-needed, and perfectly-timed break.
The final list is ready, and most of the stuff is already there. Now comes the ceremonial laying-out of the inventory for the final check-off prior to packing.
Have also acquired a damn cool pair of wraparounds for UV glare protection. A side benefit - they act as perfect windshields as well, apart from looking like them.
I don't intend to pack shaving gear. Half an inch of beard is warmer, faster, and lighter than any disposable blade; it also means between facial fungus and photoprotection, I will be 100% unadulteratedly unrecognizable.

And you know what that adds up to...

Anyone know where I can get a white stetson from in Bombay?

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