Saturday, May 14, 2011

Keralafornia Three: Kochi

Kochi is a few hours on from Guruvayur and Thrissur, the commercial hub of Kerala, and having a fairly popular airport, probably the most likely place you'll be starting your Kerala trip from. We'd landed here 2 days ago and headed down to Thrissur; Now we're back, and again, Kochi is a stopover before the next leg. 
But even as stopovers go, there's plenty to see and do; most obvious first being the iconic Chinese fishing nets at Fort Kochi. This is an image that's been splashed across all the tourism posters, along with the ubiquitous houseboat and coconut tree, and here at sunset, gives some awesome shots. 

an awesome shot

the brightness of boats

a satyajit ray moment for some reason

 For some reason, Fort Kochi seems to be terribly fond of Bob Marley. Maybe it's the trickle-down from Goa, maybe just the generic ambiance, but... there you go. 

There's also tons of stalls all over the place selling freshly-caught seafood, which you can take across to the restaurants and have them grill it up for you while you have your beers. Seafood + Tourists = Lots of Lazy Cats. 

lazy cats

fresh seafood

nice foto

Another place you can check out while you're here is the Kashi Art Cafe, which had some truly mind-blowing food - don't leave without at least one visit. We had the banana cream pie and it was worth coming to Kochi for. 

tip of the Chinese fishing nets

Fort Kochi turns very Goa in the evenings, and a little bit of the Himalayan, too, despite the mosquitoes and the humid heat - dim lights, Konkani music, cobblestones and the water...

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