Friday, May 13, 2011

Keralafornia Two: Guruvayoor

Gurvayoor is also a small temple town, famous for the Guruvayur Temple and the Punnathur Kotta elephant sanctuary 3 km outside the town. Since we've never, in the long years that you've known us, been particularly religious - (actually, not particularly elephantine either, but ignore that for now) - this post will primarily be a photoessay on a plethora of picturesque pachyderms.

Happy Elephant

Elephant decorating it's head with grass

Elephant scratching its head with stick in deep thought

Tiny little unreadable notice that says, effectively, "If you stand here reading this too long you will be violently attacked, trampled, and gored by the four-ton monster five feet in front of you."

The trouble with being an elephant is there's precious little to hide behind when the paparazzi come around

No, you're right. That's not a leg. 

Bathing elephant

Elephant hamming for the camera

Elephant dusting self with leaves

The Guruvayur temple itself is fairly so-so - it's a pilgrimage place, not a tourist attraction, so isn't very tourist-friendly; the rules for enetering are fairly draconian so you can;t do a casual visit, but try the banana-leaf thali in the MTR outside.

This photo is added here out of pure spite because the shopkeeper got extremely irritated with us and started yelling to not take photos and bugger off if we weren't buying.

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